(Tie - deh) Meaning Art in Finnish, if you were wondering. 

It begins with an idea that is translated into conceptual design and brought to life through 3D renderings and ultimately real-life implementation. The objective is to give a space an energy and identity completely unique to that of any other space. No comparison (and definitely no basics).



Taide Scape emphasizes not only how does your space look, but rather a step further and how does it feel - what does the space evoke? These are questions worth exploring and Taide Scape discovers the answers within the process and completion of the design. 

Nothing can grow from rotten roots. Part of the early process at Taide Scape is sourcing new ideas and plucking from different branches to plant a concept assured to flourish. Just like life breathes through the veins of a new plant's leaf, once our concepts and ideas grow together, we evaluate and plan out the veins of the space. We unearth elements that will enhance the setting and produce renderings to bring the space to life before the final physical installation.   



The founder of Taide Scape, Patricia Thompson, expresses her creative energy through layers of color texture and architecture. Patricia is a Florida-based artist and interior designer. She incorporates her homegrown Texas roots and her many years abroad into the inspirations for each of her projects. 

Her colorful and sometimes eclectic aesthetic was formed from a love of art architecture and history. After years of hands-on experience in the design industry, Patricia possesses a wide spectrum portfolio and is versatile in her talents - always ready to create something different. 

Interior design is an artistic composition. There is harmony among the textures, colors, shapes, and lines used within a space. When each element dances through one another with such balance, it entices the eye and invites it to stay.

Taide Scape was born after Patricia established her own studio in 2017. As an all-in-one visual consultant for spacial design, she continues to work on a broad range of commercial and residential design projects using her skills in technological rendering as well as physical spacial design.


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