Biophilia & Connections with Nature

Custom Moss Panel Design

I’ve been working on a co work space design for some time now, just wrapping up!

The project has had very strict guidelines to meet LEED and WELL certification; I’m going to be honest I didn’t quite understand “Biophilia” at first, it’s still kind of catching on in mainstream design and casual conversations..but I can say i’m very well-versed at this point.

Biophilia means "love of life or living systems.”

A proposed connection that humans use as deep affiliations with other life forms and nature as a whole are rooted in our biology.  Philias are the attractions and positive feelings that people have toward organisms, species, habitats, processes and objects in their natural surroundings. 

In other words.. Plants! Whether you are using them in your home or work space, for aesthetic beauty or their cleansing healing properties you can’t deny that plants make people feel good. My design ethos has always been based on nature and art - I mean how can you go wrong with that?! It just makes sense to incorporate this understanding in design and educate clients and friends alike.

Balancing Act

When creativity calls and my mindset directs to design, I find myself "floating" around online, flipping through magazines and old art books that are delicately stacked around the house, and perusing through the aisles in antique shops. 

Recently, I have been making a conscious effort to seek out eco-friendly products that make sense for the environment, as well as make sense - or look good - for the space I'm designing. Give this a go and you'll quickly find out that it isn't the easiest thing to do. 

Amongst my research, I stumbled upon my latest obsession - Vetrazzo. As luck would have it, I was actively creating a kitchen design mood board and decided to use this product. Check out how our designers' eyes aligned in this feature on Taide Scape design process.